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2 Maret 2008 - 17 Mei 2008
VERTIGONG Orang Jawa Main Jazz
September 12th 1983 was a precious time for Gandrik Theatre because of its birth. It is founded in Yogyakarta as a modern art theater and gives a color to characteristic of Yogyakarta art. At that time, Kasiharto SH, the head of sub-district of Mantrijeron Yogyakarta revealed his dismay when this group represents his area and win the competition of Festival Pertunjukan Rakyat in local level. “Gandrik, are you winning?” “Gandrik” in culture idiom of Java is an expression of upset to some people and become an expression of hearing a thunder. “Gandrik, putrane ki Ageng Sela” finally was used as a name. Therefore as a formal emerging although the supporters have an experience in theater world but Gandrik become an estuary of several time, several creativity and several ideas.

“Gandrik” is merely a name. While with name, they invokve of Festival Pertunjukan Rakyat in National level which is held by Information Department of Indonesian Republic. Supported by eight people such as Jujuk Prabowo as a director, Heru Kesawa Murti as script-writer and actor, Novi Budianto as an art director, Saptaria Handayaningsih, Neneng Suryaningsih, Susilo Nugroho, Sepnu Heryanto, and mbah Kartono as an actor. It presented “Kesandung” ‘s Fadjar Suharno dan “Meh”’s heru Kesawa Murti.

The festival was over. Gandrik still continue the process to answer the creativity which then express through electronic media, TVRI Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and TVRI Centre Jakarta. The dynamic of development show the spirit in May 1985 when there is a reconstruction of Gandrik management after Neneng Suryaningsih resigned. Then, the coming of Butet Kartaredjasa as an actor and the production leader made him to lead Gandrik until nowadays. G. Djaduk Ferianto involved in music director, actor, and director. Rulyani Isfihana replaced Neneng’s position. The solid team-work which has awareness to share and based on family from time to time during the performance among cities in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Gandrik Theater oriented in the form of public and traditional theater spread out around Yogyakarta, the place where they were born and grow. It made with the touch of modern theater which is flexible in its creative process. Gandrik felt that the art process from the beginning will not last forever so that they will always look for and learn in doing this work.

By focusing on actual themes, both something happened in society and something that will be happened, Gandrik put aside to eliminate the limit between the stage and the audience. Gandrik reveals to make a knot of the warmth among the audience and appreciation to the performer without any pretension except art-working. Play by play and the critical which present by them in the stage with joke and satire. In other word, the language of Gandrik performance was presenting by satire but it is not hurt other feeling. It is common to happen in the community culture of Java society. It seems that this condition become the integral part of Gandrik.

Nowadays, Gandrik theater have performed plays such as: Kesandung, Meh, Pasar Seret, Pensiunan, Sinden, Isyu, Dhemit, Flu, Kera-Kera, Juragan Abiyoso, Khayangan Goyang, Buruk Muka cermin Di Jual, Juru Kunci, Flu, Tangis, Upeti, Orde Tabung, Proyek, Brigade Maling, Mas Tom, Departemen Borok.